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Past and Current Talks

Date Topic
2018 July 27th First defcongroup Paris meetup!
2018 August 9th “While (Defcon):{party}” – Le Mazet
2018 August 30th @RatZillaS “Car Hacking 101!!! From Teslas to Twingos” @kalin0x “My little Defcon” Lockpicking, bonus dc11331 badges !
2018 September 27th @winnschwartau“ How to Measure the Security of your Network Defenses”
2018 October 25th HALLOWEEN special @Sk0ll & @Virtualabs special guests, candies and locks
2018 November 28th @gscarp12 Next generation cyber warfare @Sh4rk Social engineering pirate Queen
2019 February 28th @JayHarris_Sec “Getting Freaky with Frida!” @ms__chief Saskia Coplan ‘Selling 0days By The Pound: ‘Does Responsible Disclosure Work?’
2019 March 28th @TheKenMunroShow & @cybergibbons “Unhackable: the wor(l)d of fail” & “Unhackable: how to draw attention from the infosec community, guarantee pwnage and ruin your brand at the same time.” Lockpicking with @Sk0ll
2019 April 25th Interactive walkthrough of http://Tryhackme.com box with @erik1o6 called “Let’s Hack Together “ @gentilkiwi ”You (dis)liked mimikatz? Wait for Kekeo…” @navlys_ “How to gather OSINT for social engineering attacks and physical intrusions”
2019 May 30th @InfoSec_Hoppers “Hackers, Medias and Mental health” @GlaCiuS_ “Phishing Kits : K for Kiddies” Lockpicking with @Sk0ll
2019 June 17th @C_3pJoe @winnschwartau “The Kobayashi Maru of AI in security”
2019 June 27th Gregory Carpenters @gscarp12 “Successful Brain Hacks from 50 years ago, Why don’t we know what the CIA did?” Dan Nash @d4n_tweets “PARASITE: Can An Open Internet Fight Extremism?”
2019 October 24th @kalin0x “Red Team report” 0dayz and unicorns
2019 November 28th @SecKoala “Powned logical controllers”
2020 January 20th @kmkz_security and @gentilkiwi “Life of a Red Teamer”
2020 February 27th @ko97551819 @adulau “I love Hardboxes, OSINT for IoT”, & MISP introduction and workflow